What is special about our system for measuring the thickness of hollow glass?

You can use our modular TMC system (Thickness Measurement system for Container glass) to measure and evaluate the wall thickness distribution of your container glasses (hollow glasses) during active production, on the conveyor belt or random sampling. No components make contact with your glass containers or can damage them in any way. The TMC system simultaneously measures the minimum value, maximum value, ovality and other important parameters that enable you to evaluate the wall thickness distribution.

Select the right TMC sensors for checking round/non-round, white/slightly coloured/extremely dark glass containers. Measuring the thickness of different curves on the glass, the radius of the base and even the area around engravings is easy with this system. It is also possible to measure and check the thickness or inclination of the base on round containers. The measurement is made at a specific point so our system is guaranteed to detect both small and large thin-walled areas, also known as bull's eyes.

Save time instead of incurring additional costs!

The system is easy to install and can be set up in just a few minutes. Our touch screen display and accompanying menu make the TMC system convenient to operate. All sensors are calibrated on our premises so they do not require continuous checks and recalibration. The TMC produces up to 4000 measured values per second, which allows you to check more than 400 containers per minute. Measurements are reliable and exclude any drift.

The sensors are easy to replace, which keeps you flexible should changes be required during the production process. Change the sensors, adjust a few system settings and start measurement of the new glass containers right away. Our sensors are also extremely durable and virtually wear-free.

The TMC system can be installed in all standard inspection machines with a rotary station (e.g. Emhart Glass Veritas, CIM, TIM, FleXinspect T/M | TIAMA (SGCC) CO/M1 | O-I FP | TIAMA (MSC)  Check +/MX-4 | Busch & Spreen/Heye International GPM/SmartLine | AGR Multistar/Stop-Rotate | ERMI77 C0-PCA/M-PCA/Multi15 and many more).

Do you already have a mould number reader? Then you can assign the values measured with the TMC system to the corresponding moulds. Selectively influence the IS machine and increase the quality of your glass containers.