Sound advice for producing the perfect glass

Glass manufacturing is a special art and both traditional glass blowers and modern glass producers attach great importance to identifying and eliminating weak points and damage in the glass. Our state-of-the-art systems help you to produce the perfect glass! As specialists in glass measurement, we would be glad to provide our expert knowledge in design, electronics, engineering, software, handling and cooling. We would also be more than happy to give advice and develop solutions for your specific problem.

Planning, implementation and improvement

"Sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees" and sometimes an objective view is needed to identify a small detail that can have a significant impact. We collectively analyse processes and system layouts to optimise your automation plant.

Duty calls

Are you and your team faced with a complex task? Have you already defined a specifications list? We would be happy to prepare a set of functional specifications for you to assess the technical and economical viability of your project.

Customised solutions

Do you have a challenge for us? We would be glad to develop one or more individual solutions using our modular systems. We adapt all the optical, electronic, mechanical and cooling components according to the relevant application and can even provide special software for you on request.

Carefree package: before and after making your purchase

If necessary, we can assemble all the relevant modules and provide you with a turnkey system that is already calibrated and ready for operation. We can also train your plant and service personnel to operate the system correctly. On-site training with our engineers and technicians and a detailed set of system documentation are also available.

Quick assistance when things come unstuck: our remote maintenance service provides quick, reliable assistance while avoiding expensive travel costs. If you would prefer to have a technician pay a visit, we can arrange a maintenance contract on request.

Make sure everything runs smoothly

If you decide to purchase one of our products, we can provide on-site training at your request to teach your plant and service personnel how to operate the product once it is installed. Only genuine experts will receive one of our attendance certificates.

Renting instead of purchasing?

Some of our systems can be rented for a limited time.