Our measuring systems already cover a wide range of applications, but the diverse glass industry is always throwing up new challenges for both ourselves and our customers. We provide modular systems and special equipment for customers in search of simple, effective and efficient solutions. Some of these special solutions are presented here. If you are confronted with similar measuring problems, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support.

TC system: glass tube measurements

You can use our modular TC system (Tube Control) to measure, sort and check tube dimensions quickly, easily and contact-free during active production or random sampling. Our system can measure where other systems work up a sweat, such as on hot tubes or directly in flames (2400 °C).

We build complete customised systems ready for operation and provide assistance during assembly and commissioning. Benefit from our expert knowledge and book an individual training session with one of our experienced VMA employees.

Needless to say, the TC system is just as durable, robust and free of wear. The TC system reliably delivers the highest measuring frequencies and degree of measuring accuracy without requiring recalibration, even if the distances between the tube and camera change.

Measuring wall thicknesses with the TMT

Our wall thickness measuring systems (Thickness measurement system for Tubular glass hot/cold) reliably prevent errors! Harmless high-precision lasers (laser class 2) in the sensor head provide accurate measured values, even if the measuring distance changes or the glass is tilted. Two measuring systems in the sensor use parallel conversion to filter out reflections and guarantee accurate measurements. Protective housings for the TMT systems are available for different applications on request.

The accompanying electronic unit incorporates a measuring computer together with a digital display for showing the tube distance and serial interface for transmitting data to your overriding system (e.g. sorting computer).

Diameter measurement with ODMT

Our ODMT diameter measuring device (Outer Diameter Measurement for Tubular glass) uses a special line camera and transmitted light to detect the outer edges of the tube, while the measurement is evaluated in the electronic unit. This product can easily measure tube diameters up to 130 mm or even diameters up to 1200 mm in combination with a second ODM unit.

Caution: hot! At the hot end or area where flames are produced, the products are enclosed in special protective housings fitted with heat protection glass, water cooling and air film cooling systems. The master computer monitors the cooling.

Offline measuring device (TO) - A genuine all-rounder for your quality engineers!

This measuring device (Tube offline) measures the diameter, ovality, wall thickness, eccentricity and sag of your tube glass. Insert the tube and press the start button. The tube is rotated, measured and even the smallest flaws are detected. 

Automatic sorting with our TS module

If the values measured by the ODMT and/or TMT system are beyond the tolerances, you need to separate the good from the bad! This module (Tube Sort) sends corresponding instructions to your sorting diverter.

TMP system: thickness measurement for patterned rolled glass

Our TMP system (Thickness measurement for Patterned glass) will increase the quality of your patterned rolled glass (e.g. solar glass). TMP is a professional system for measuring the thickness of rolled glass at the cold or hot end. Increasing the production quantity of high-quality rolled glass within the required tolerances has never been so quick or easy.

A maximum of 5 measuring heads at the entrance or exit of the cooling conveyor on your rolled glass line provide accurate information about the glass thickness distribution and the eccentricity of the rolls. It allows you to respond more quickly to variations in the glass thickness and optimise your process control accordingly. The graphic representation makes it easier to check the measured results.

Diameter measuring devices for quartz glass

Quartz glass poses a real challenge for measuring and control systems because the process involves extremely high temperatures reaching 2400 °C and large diameters of up to 1000 mm. Our solution? Simply amazing or amazingly simply: we modify one part of our TC system for glass tubes and combine it with glass working lathes.

Measuring goblets/drinking glasses

Our flexible systems also reliably measure drinking glasses such as wine and champagne glasses. We combine our modified TMC system for container glass with a cooling system for use in an RBM (rotary blowing machine).