Pushing precision to the limits: laser thickness measurement for float glass

This system has made precision on-line measurements easier and more accurate than ever. Our customers are extremely impressed with this laser thickness measuring system, which operates at a maximum measuring accuracy of 0.001 mm (10x thinner than a human hair). Our TMF system (Thickness Measurement system for Float glass) maintains a high level of accuracy, even in areas that are extremely difficult to measure such as edges. The efficient use of a glass break monitor also provides additional security against potential collisions. Accuracy and speed combined: the TMF system produces 2000 individual measured values per second.

You must be asking yourself how that is possible. The principle is extremely simple: 2 measuring systems integrated in the patented laser sensor head make contact with the glass surfaces from both directions, virtually excluding measuring errors. Outstanding feature: this system measures accurately at both the cold and hot end, even when the measuring distance and inclination of the float band change. An automatic ranging feature guarantees the perfect measuring distance for precision measurement.

Display glass (e.g. LCD glass) requires an even greater degree of accuracy. The TMF system can be equipped with an adapted sensor head for this application.

We integrate a stress scanner from a reliable industrial partner in our TMF system, which measures the "stress" of the glass using spectral analysis. The stress sensor can be installed next to the TMF sensor while only a separate light source is required under the glass. A pyrometer installed above the glass band measures the temperature of the glass. The system detects whether it is a temporary fault that rectifies itself automatically after cooling.

The visualisation PC – a genuine all-rounder

The visualisation PC displays information such as thickness profiles and trend curves, the width of the glass band and its position on the roller conveyor, the temperature of the glass as well as the position and operating mode of the thickness measuring device. The PC also compares the measured values with your specifications and records fault messages, operator control actions and internal messages from the measuring system in the "Daily logbook" to allow easier remote maintenance and fault diagnosis.

One-time set-up and peace of mind

The measuring computer (an industrial, independently developed single-board computer), the drive and the positioning unit are housed in an air-conditioned cabinet that can be easily installed next to the float band. The cabinet is usually installed near a bridge to facilitate easier maintenance and the visualisation PC is usually housed in the control room. A network of several operating stations can also be installed.

Once the self-controlling TMF system is set up, you can sit back in the knowledge that you no longer need to perform recalibration work and tests. That's not all: we will even perform all the initial calibration and setup work for you. The integrated service function provides assistance in emergencies. We can perform remote diagnosis to repair any faults or resolve any issues with your system.

Good for you and the environment!

Worry about your products instead of hazardous radioactive waste! Our robust, durable measuring devices do not emit dangerous radioactive beams and the service life of our semiconductor laser is almost unlimited. The laser operates at an extremely low power (laser class 2) and is harmless to you and your employees.