About VMA

1994 | Boldly moving forwards

At a high personal and financial risk, but with a firm belief in the company's long-term success, VMA's company headquarters were built in Ilmenau and officially inaugurated in 1994. From that point on, the site acted as a base for the development, production and global sales of VMA measuring technology products.

1995 | Breaking new ground

While VMA had previously focused on producing measuring technology for glass piping runs, from the mid-1990s this technology was successfully applied to flat glass, creating the new business area of thickness measurements for flat glass.

Early 2000s | Another step forward

The success of VMA measuring technology products in the fields of glass tubing and flat glass sparked the interest of container glass manufacturers. This resulted in VMA becoming the first company with the capacity to take non-contact wall thickness measurements of container glass at the beginning of the 2000s.

The business won major contracts, which allowed VMA to continue to grow. By having direct contact with customers, which was already crucial at that stage, it was not only possible to further develop sensors but also electronics, among other areas, according to customer requirements.

2009 | A new generation

In 2009, the well-earned retirement of the Managing Directors and the new appointments of Nico Thomae and Fred Vogler marked a new chapter in VMA's history.

Fresh impetus was brought to the increasingly complicated projects and tasks. Since then it has been continued to press ahead with optimising existing and developing new measuring technologies. This includes, among others, the new FLX system, the multi-level sensor, a laboratory measuring device and piping measuring technology, as well as modernising the thickness measurement system for flat glass.

2016 | More space for more possibilities

Having already extended the company headquarters in 2008 to account for rising production capacities, the site was again extended in 2016 with a new optical and installation space. This allows to install and check optical systems in an optimal environment.

Today | Our company

Today, we employ 20 people in a well-coordinated team of service and development engineers, software developers, mechatronics technicians, purchasers and project managers.

We work every day to further develop our measuring technology so that we can continue to assist our customers in the glass industry into the future.

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A personal customer-focused approach

We aim to work in close collaboration with our customers so that they receive a suitable measuring technology solution.

It is simple for our customers to get in touch with us, reaching the right contact person directly without any diversions. We also take the time to listen to your concerns and provide a quick response. We are only satisfied if our measuring technology is working properly at the customer's premises and reliably performs the measuring task.

Responsibility for our employees and the region

We offer family-oriented working conditions which range from flexible working hours to childcare support.

We think that it is important to have connections with the local region. For example, we work closely together with suppliers from the central German state of Thuringia in the fields of electronics, mechanics and optical manufacturing. We also cooperate with universities and research institutions based here. Moreover, our involvement in the local region is not only limited to our measuring technology. We also regularly support social institutions and local associations.

Employee participation

We place great value on our employees using their technical expertise and being able to work independently. This means that everyone organises their own defined tasks, reflects on their approach and allows for new possibilities. In addition, we get together to exchange ideas and have discussions, as well as to give and receive constructive feedback. If this results in new ideas for processes, products or further training, the company will support it.

Showing respect to others


We believe that treating people respectfully means taking our customers and suppliers seriously and communicating with them as equal partners. Professional cooperation is a priority for us in achieving a successful outcome.


We treat each other with respect to enable us to work well together as a team. During technical discussions, we are clear, fair and objective – and always focused on the common goal.