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Unsere Sensoren werden im gesamten Prozess der Glasherstellung eingesetzt, um zuverlässig die Glasdicke von Behältern zu messen und zu beurteilen.

Our sensors reliably measure the thickness and temperature of flat glass at both the hot and cold ends.

The thickness measuring system for flat glass is designed and manufactured to meet customers' specific requirements.

Flat glass measurements

Immediately after moulding at the hot end, the TMF-FLX system measures the thickness of the flat glass in the area of the cooling conveyor at 600 °C. This measurement is taken from underneath due to the high temperatures. Having a basement area with a floor gap is therefore a requirement for installing the thickness measuring system. The challenging ambient conditions, such as heat, gases and thermal radiation, require the system to have a particularly robust design.

At the cold end, the TMF-FLX system measures the thickness and temperature of the flat glass after the controlled air cooling. If there is broken glass, the TMF-FLX system responds immediately by moving the measuring head into the parking position and switching the system off.

The thickness measuring system can be used to measure at specific points or traversing across the line. Moreover, the precise position of the measuring system at the hot and cold ends can be customized.

Offline thickness measurement with the LabTMC

Our compact measuring device can be used for quick and accurate quality control in laboratories or for sampling inspections at the hot or cold ends in manufacturing.

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You can find more information about our measuring technology for flat glass in our product catalogue.

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Sample glass panes

You are welcome to send us sample glass panes for test measurements if you want to make sure that our thickness measuring technology is suitable for your glass.

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We can assist you with mechanical and technical matters prior to installation and help you to decide on the best possible location for the thickness measuring system.

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